History 104A, November 28:  Dissent! Renaissance Video.


               I had a video tape I was going to show today, another James Burke


          tape from the renaissance development of, however, I was in Fry's


          Friday -- which day was it crazy?


          A    Friday.


               THE PROFESSOR:  I was there Thursday.


          Q    You were there on Thanksgiving?


               THE PROFESSOR:  No.  It must have been on Wednesday.  In any


          case, I was going through the boxed videos and there was one on


          Leonardo Da Vinci and the renaissance or six videos DVD's for 29.95.


          It looked like a good series.  It's on dissenters and it mostly deals


          with the artists and does the art.  The interesting part here -- I


          don't know when it was made.  The date on it says 2005 -- MMV on the box,


          but what was interesting is that they had a bunch of the dissenters


          from about 10 or 15 years ago from the United States being interviewed


          with dissent as it exists here, and so that sort of brought back some


          memories which won't for some of you, except perhaps for our


          interpreters because they're not quite as ancient as I am.  It's


          interesting how they put it together.  My emphasis on individual


          level, I think it's the transformation over.  They're dealing with the


          early 1400s and how that individualism is developing in dissent; in


          other words, the artist refusing to take orders from the patron.


          We'll have a better view seeing it on the big screen whether I really


          like it or not.  The story of da Vinci is interesting too.  There are


          a lot of things in it that I never realized including how many of his



          works were never finished.  He was definitely a noncompleter.


               THE INTERPRETER:  Does it have subtitles?


               THE PROFESSOR:  We'll see.  It should since it's recent.


                                     (showing video)


               We'll leave you with the last word from the woman.  See you on