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1. Please place only your student numbers (social numbers) on your answer sheets. No Names!
2. Please staple this sheet after (behind, in back of) your answer pages.
3. Please place the time and days of your political science class below your student number if you are taking this exam at a time different from your scheduled class.
4. Final course grades will be posted on the bulletin board outside your classroom.
5. You can pick up your exam papers in my office up to one year. After that time they self-destruct.
6. Please avoid substance abuse.
7. Thanks for putting up with me for a semester. Have a good life!

PART I: Identification (50 pts) -- Identify any ten (10) and only ten (10) of the words, terms and dates listed below:

Kirshnerisms Student definitions
Article III of the Constitution
Earl Warren
Conference Committee
William Rehnquest
Cozy Triangle
Judicial Review
Line Item Veto
Pork Barrel Legislation
Spin Doctors
Amuse Me Generation
Robert Dole
Third House
Supreme Courts
Speak of the House of Representative
Sunset Laws
Miranda Rights
Political Action Committees
Parkinson's Law

PART II: Essay (50 pts) -- Write on either A or B below:

A. Describe how Public Opinion, the Media, the Two Party System, and the Judiciary all limit the power of the Presidency.


B. Describe how you think a person with charisma might be received by his colleagues as the President, as a Congressperson, as an Associated Justice. Explain your answer showing a thorough knowledge of the workings of the three branches of U.S. federal government.


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