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FALL 2011

John Locke: wrote Declaration of  Independence

Secular Humanism:  Something I should've taken down the definition for and now I do not know what to say about it.

University of  California, Davis vs. Bakke:  two differently--opininated  groups debating about what is nonsense to me but everything to everyone else.

Reactionary:  what happens when congress/senate is given a bill to sign or veto

Theocracy:  a form of governmen that is similar to democracy, but does not involve the people as much

                     a government of people

Madilyn Murray O'Hare:  head of the Christian Coalition

                     She is the woman who petitioned to get votes signed. I think she was a movie star.

Double Jeopardy:  When betting against something in which you double the offer through the risk of losing it all if the bet is lost

Machiavellian Interpretation:  Is when , wow I'll have to skip this one sorry.

John Birch Society:  were atheist believers

Ex Post Facto Laws:  Radioactive Punishment

Symbolic Speech:   when speech is symbolized by political parties

Alex de Tocqueville:  "cannot yell theatre in a crowded fire"


De Facto Segregation:  segregation with a social habit

                                    separation of Church & State

Jerry Brown:  fought for equality in races that the United states becam desegragated

Affirmative Action:  has to do with Athens

                             This action occurs whn  defendant cannot be held for unlawful charges

Democratic Pluralism: left-wing party

Oligarchy: the pope is the leader

Communist Manifesto:  when communism was rising in the U.S.

                                    the act of the governmentduring the Cold War to remove communists from the country, blacklist the communists and communist supporters

Participatory Democracy:  when you do not have to participate in Gov't.

Westboro Baptist Church:  first established Atheist Church

Constituent:  a state or nation that forms a union with other states or nations

                   someone who follows abd respects the order of the constitutent

666:  courts number

John Locke:  helped revise the Bill of Rights

Machiavellian Interpretation:  a form of government in which people are all equal and there are no superiors

FALL 2010

Partisan: a clergy man almost like a reverend for the Protasants faith.

John Locke: was responsible for killing Abraham Lincoln in a duel.

                      took notes while the Constitution Convention was being held.

                      he wrote a book on communism.

                      he helped right the Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights: the Ten Commandments.

Neo-Nazi: radical group mde up primarily of students and professors.

De Facto Segregation: segregation based on your social status (how much money you have) or on your social ranking.

Plutocracies: Having more then one democracy.

Glenn Beck: was a political activist

                      founder of the John Birch Society

                      a liberal television host on CNN.

                      famous left-wing  figure in the news. He work for MSNBC.

Athens:  they are people who believe in no God.Son't except Jesus as God's son or as the Lord.

Preferred Position:(also known as the missionary) where the man is on top and the woman on the bottom.

Oligarchy: is when religious leaders and individual leaders are in the same people.

Habeas Corpus: The first time the court claims the black's right to vote is in legislational under the fifth Amendment.

                      the right to a reial in front of their peers before senrencing.

                      the judge can can convict a person without a trial.

Reactionary: a person solely out to raise a reaction amongst the people.

Madilyn Murray O'Hare: a movie star actress who went to South korea to help the people their.

Meg Whitman:wrote a book that was later criticized because of its contents.

                     Democratic candidate for senator.

Alexis de Tocqueville:  a Frenchman who wrote "Communist Manifesto." he believed that socialism was going to be the form of govermment that was going to supercede.

Direct Democracy: the power is in the hands of the government.

Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas: where Brown used "F" word in reference to politics.

Tenth Amendment: the right to forever paise Dr. Kirshner.


Anti-Masons: They lived in log cabins for their whole lives.

Cozy Triangle: the three sexes of government all having sex together -- with us.

Federalist Papers: top secret or hidden in general so they aren't taken.

Paranoid Politics: all the politicians don't know what to say & then in turn become paranoid.

Paranoid Politics: politics that are done in a safe manner.

Paranoid Politics: is when a candidate over-advertise themselves to the public.

FALL 2009

Affirmative Action: harsher laws against criminals

Affirmative Action: the idea that minorities have a higher power

Affirmative Action: action taken by the government when the country is in danger.

Affirmative Action: people who have new ideas and go about spreading the word without resorting to violence.

Affirmative Action: when military is brought in to restore order.

Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka: when a man (Brown) was not allowed to teach in school because the school was attempting to be fair and hire "non-whites;" they did not hire him and claimed there was "reverse racism."

Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka: banned schools from teaching evolution.

1791: the signing of the Declaration of Independence occurred.

True Believers: a group of people who carry out laws.

True Believers: Hippies

Oligarchy: example--you have two cows and the priest tells you when to milk them and then God demands you feed others with your cows.

Oligarchy: belief that a higher being has rule over nation.

Czars: non-christians

Direct Democracy: play the rules in straight ways.

Hyperpluralism: when a candidate gets more than 50% of the vote.

Recall: when an elected official is exterminated


Electoral College:  college of which you are educated on the electoral system.

                                where the classes are not educational.

John Locke:  discovered nature vs. nurture.

                       one of the writers of the U.S. Constitution.

Christian Coalition:  made up of christians who were only about themselves and other christians.

Nurture:  the way something is raised.

                 used in the term "nature vs. nurture."

                 opposite of nature.

Baron vs. Baltimore (1833): the bill of rights did not apply to the students.

Bailout: where the United States get bailout by France.

Bi-Cameral Legislature:  this group went both ways.

Corruption and Forfeiture of  Blood:  when the legislators were corrupted and they tried to make this a Republic.

                                                               this happens when something in government becomes obsessed with power and starts to run the nation by their own agenda.

Madilyn Murray O'Hare: a model.

Seniority System:  when someone has more of a word because they were there longer.

Whistleblower:  people who like to go around stomping their feet and making a lot of noise.

                           someone who is always giving out gifts to others.

                           people who talk trash.

Judicial Restraint: showing judge's mental restraint.

Honeymoon Period:  a period when people are relaxing.

Bi-Partisan: believe in politics.

Lobbyist:  someone who is responsible for keeping things together having a certain order.

Robert's Rules of  Order:  rules revised by the Chief of Justice of the Superior Court that have been made better for Congess,

FALL 2008

Suffrage: ended women's suffrage & gave them the right to vote.

                 suffrage refers to the suffering of African Americans and women.

West Wing: not the show, but it refers to just that, the west wing of the Pentagon or was it the building next to the White House.

Peter Principle: This refers to when Peter Pan and Captain Hook had a dispute--after Peter Pan won because of his principles


Constituents: a constitutional element; having power to frame or alter a political constitution or fundamental law as distinguished from lawmaking power.

Constituents: those who helped write the Constitution

Constituents: people who can appoint or elect

Parliamentarian: people belong in Parliament

Parliamentarian: someone who has prepared verses for giving a speech

Parliamentarian: someone supports parliament

President of the Senate: The term says it all.  President of the Senate means President of the Senate.  TheSenator is President of the Senate.

Executive Agencies: Executive Agencies are Agencies known for execution. Could be execution of a law or something else.

Cabinet: refers to the Senate, refers to all members that make up the Senate.

Executive Privilege: when some members of government are able to mail things for free.

435: number of pounds Dr. Kirshner could benchpress when he was 9 years old.

Bi-Partisan: to go both ways.

Political Action Committee: a committee that gets together to talk about political issues.

Executive Privilege: the privilege the executive branch has to take action.

Critical Thinking: is what one does before writing a bill.

Cabinet: is a group of Senator who try for the same things.

FALL 2007

Affirmative Action: was the action taken by Hitler to over come the Jews in the 1940's.

Affirmative Action: appropriate punishment issued to an individual when conductedto the appropriate crime.

Affirmative Action: a law that needs to be enforced immediately.

Affirmative Action: action taken by the President without the consent of congress.

Reactionary: the effects caused by new laws that have been passed

Reactionary: is how to feel and act when put in a situation

666: a freeway

Proposition: is the outlaw of any and all alcohol beverages in the United States in the 1020's


Communist Manifesto: USSR

Barron vs Baltimore: was a case in which nature vs nature was tried

Shay's Rebellion: a TV series

Civil Rights: rights that people have against themselves

Gadfly: someone who molests politicians

Antitrust legislation: civil liberties should be upheld without qualification

Discretionary Power of Judges: the discretionary power of judges is to declare a government official unconstitutional or not.

Pete Stark: our Governor

Civil Service:  services held for people in civil court cases in court

Non-partisan:  a group that is against the government

an individual or group that is against partisan laws and morals

110th Congress:  the # Congress is when passing a bill

Brown vs. the Board of Education:  this is the lawsuit where they were fighting the pledge of allegence. . . one nation under god.

 was about a pissed off parent who didn't like evolution being taught in schools

Soft Money:  paper currency

Spoils System:  system of give and take

Spin Doctor:  when politicians get chosen and they don't know what they are doing

FALL 2006

Supreme Court: part of the legislative branch.  A court that makes laws.

Kirshnerisms:  is the group in which the ideas and thoughts are formed and brought to attention, being refined.

Conference Committee:  is a group of members involved in many conferences to discuss certain subjects.

Charisma:  being able to obtain a "high"

Realignment Election: when an election needs to be overlooked

Log Rolling: when you continue doing the same act, and it continues to fall through

Interest Groups:  groups that support big parties.

SPRING 2006:

Patriot Act: People who spoke out for our nation's liberty and freedom. ALSO RECEIVED: The United States take over from England or a government change.

Affirmative Action: An action taken against the President. ALSO RECEIVED: The state gov. decides whether or not in any case ir is necessary to deal with foreign affairs or the military.

Separate but Equal:  Meaning the government is not exactly together.

Direct Democracy:  When the Democrats own government.

Nature:  The Democratic Party

John Locke:  The man who called 9-11 an act of God.

Double Jeopardy:  Happens when a vote is a draw twice in a row. ALSO RECEIVED: States that you cannot be found guilty of the same charge more then once.

Second Amendment: States that "all people are created equal."

Reactionary: A politician who makes choices on how the people react.  ALSO RECEIVED:  A motion set by government as a device to get a large reaction of the country.

Secular Humanism:  A belief where males have the dominant role in society and women have no place in politics.


Affirmative Action:

The use of force when in desperate need. (Fall 2005)

Roe v Wade:

Court battle for black rights. (Fall 2005)


When neither parties agree they let the President decide. (Fall 2005)

Intelligent Design:

A theory that there are aliens who made thingsthat cannot be explained by scientists and other experts. (Fall 2005)


Power of the voters to elect law! (Fall 2005)


Where the philosophers are the same as the leader. (Fall 2005)


people's heritage and their family (Spring 2005)

Sound Bite:

is where sound travels through a tube like in your phone (Spring 2005)

Catch 22:

the proposition went bad (Spring 2005)

Executive Order:

the place where they execute order (Spring 2005)

Bill Frist:

process by which government reviews and carries out bills (Spring 2005)

1803-Marbury vs. Madison:

ruled that schools can be segregated as long as they're equal (Spring 2005)

Discretionary Power of Judges:

the power of judges of the U.S. Supreme Court to negotiate treaties and the power to appoint judges (Spring 2005)

Judicial Activism:

Fraudulent judicial interpretations of the U.S. Supreme Ct. (Spring 2005)


A person who has the power to write the Constitution (Spring 2005)

De Facto:

When someone no longer exists therefore is not real! (Spring 2005)

Ralph Nader:

America´s best known asexual

Leader of the Natural Law Party

Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Republican leader of the Senate

Rose Garden Strategy:
An individual help people do Rose in garden.

Roe vs Wade 
Yelling "fire" in theatre is not acceptable (Spring 2004)

Is a spanish meaning of democracy
Cozy Triangle:
3 people from different sexes
a political mange agua (my comment: This will teach me to spell things out, especially when I use a french phrase)
Miranda Rights:
Because of an incident that a young man got raped.
Critical Thinking:
The way the system contradicts itself
Robert Dole:
He is a senate.
Pocket Veto:
If the President don´t sign a law within ten days the law don´t make a law.
Within 10 days of the president resigning, the bill will not become a law. (Spring 1999)
The court stop in and have judicial interview.
Brown vs. Board of Education
Thurgood Marshall:
Founded Marshall´s Department Store
1787 is the year when America became independent. The sate of indepense was July 4, 1787.
Ideology thought up by Carl Marx as well as his associate Englund.
Miranda vs. Arizona:
A man being raped and abused
Democratic Republicans:
People who decide who should be elected are people who don´t know whether to be Republicans or Democrats -- they are stupid, so sometimes they say they are Democrats and sometimes they say they are Republicans.
Know Nothing Party:
60´s party that formed only because they wanted to protest
Amish Embassador
Term Limits:
Were put into place after pres. Teddy Roosevelt died in office during his 3rd term
Congress, it consists of the House and Senate
A two house legislature (Sp. 1998)
Article II of the Constitution:
States that members of congress and the president cannot change their pay
When the president and vice president takes control of everything
Grand Jury:
Is the jury that is the supreme court
Judicial Restraint:
Is when the court or any person gets permission to stay away from another.
The rebuilding of a Gov. Economy
Jack Kemp:
Candidate for V.P. running with Al Gore
Executive Branch:
Includes the president and the constitution
Karl Marx:
member of congress (Sp. 1997)
conspiracy thesis:
1. This is copying somebody elses work. (Sp. 1997)
2. A clause that allows the government certain freedoms. (Sp. 1997)
Newt Gingrich:
1. ran for president (Sp. 1997)
2. A fat ugly person who is currently speaker of the house (Sp. 1997)
3. Attorney General of the U.S. (Sp. 1997)
a person wasn´t born into a certain person (Sp. 1997)

        taking care of someone (Spring 2004)

27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:
An amendment written in the 16th Century and passed in 1992
which stated that a woman, or any other person, has a right
to their body. First written as the 9th amendment. (Sp. 1997)
The 12 amendments were brought to the 1st congress. (Sp. 2000)
Are Roman people that rule by what the Gods tell them. (Sp. 1997)
is a place in Georgia that was the 1st recorded democracy (Spring 1999)
First form of government back in Greece. (Fall 1999)
An ancient country. (Fall 1999)
was when college students and teachers protested(Sp. 1997)
The year the US became a free country. (Sp. 2000)
When the president does a Recall on laws being passed. (Sp. 1997)
Recall is the proper way to elect our president. (Spring 1998) Confederation: is a group of people from the legislature (Sp. 1997)
Is when a theory is brought into a democracy and followed.(Sp. 1997)
A government based on theory. (Spring 1999)
Is a type of government where the military rule. (Sp. 2000)
Prayer wasn't allowed in the public schools. (Sp.2000)
Electoral College
       elect in the count 586 with the number high for the name (Fall 1997)
where the president who has more than 50% of the vote will win (Fall 1997)
A person of wealth is born into a government official. (Fall 1999) Neo-Nazis
These were a group of people who hated the Jews and had most of them killed in Skokie.(Fall 1997)
James Madison
       One of the three who wrote the Constitution of the United States. (Fall 1997)
helped with Confederate papers (Fall 1997)
       one of the authors of the Factional papers (Fall 1997)
The Prince
Book about communism (Fall 1997)

Bill of Attainder
was the name of the first constitution (Fall 1997)

       before the Bill of Rights.  This was looked upon in the government that was going on after the Bill of Rights went into effect. (Spring 2004)
no individual can be charged for being him or herself (Spring 2004)

Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution
states that congress shall not raise their salary (Fall 1997)

where the people can vote out the government at any time (Fall 1997)

Christian Coalition
is better known as the KKK Racist Group (Fall 1997)

Libertarian Party
is the biggest communist party in the US (Fall 1997)

everyone is equal (Fall 1997)

when you become the elites like PG & E and Pacific Bell (Fall 1997)

Madilyn Murray O'Hare
a woman for whom the International Airport in Chicago was named (Fall 1997)

        she is founder of an Athen's Church. (Spring 2004)

an intelligent voter from the south (Fall 1997)

language used by the Jews during World War II (Fall 1998)

The belief that the country should be ran by businesses & investors for the purpose only for economic growth (Fall 1997)

It refers to the belief that each individual should socialize with each other (Fall 1997)

is when a person adopts the constitution (Fall 1997)

        to help find the legislature (Spring 2004)

Affirmative Action
means when an action is taken by a firm statement and is taken for granted (Fall 1997)

action government takes against an individual (Fall 1997)

Affirmative Action is the right for women to have to be able to choose on whether or not they want to abort their child. (Spring 1998)

making a quick decision (Spring 1998)

is an act that prohibits minorities to enter a university or college (Spring 1998)

When you take action for a law or amendment you have broken. (Sp. 2000)

It is a power which President can use when he takes oath for the President. (Sp. 2003)

Is when a situation is present and it is a clear and present danger with an end result that will be evil. (Sp. 2003)

       meaning a firm action (Spring 2004)

       when someone breaks the law, that person will be tried immediately (Spring 2004)

       I am pretty sure it was the Black Panthers that were mainly for this type of protest. (Spring 2004)

Spin Doctor
puts dog poop into a blender and turns it into ice cream. (Fall 1997)

An example of plutocracy is when a woman who deserves to run for a position in government who worked for it, but usually will get less votes by men. (Spring 1998)

A large group (organization) of people who want our government to return the way it originally was when Hitler was in power. (Spring 1998)

James Madison
is one of our four fathers who wrote the Articles of Confederation which is now the Constitution. (Spring 1998)

in simple term it mean the absence of monarchy (Spring 1998)

Socialist Workers Party
It is one of the biggest party of the United States

When the Declaration of Independence was signed by the first president John Hancock (Spring 1998)

        the US Constitution was taken (Spring 2004)

Is a type of government that the King and Queen rule. The King is the President. (Spring 1998)

A woman (Queen) rules, but the men really makeall the decisions. (Spring 1999)

Government that is made for the people. (Fall 1999)

Roe vs. Wade (1973)
Roe is simple notice and Wade is complex notice (Spring 1998)

Facts that are fact, but untrue. (Spring 1998)

William Rehnquest
He said that firearms shouldn't be in schools because it leads to a bad future. (Spring 1998)

Thomas Jefferson
First black man to be in office
1st President before the Constitution (Fall 2004)

The Bill of Rights

The 24 amendments to the Constitution (Spring 1999)
The first ten amendments of the Declaration of Independence. (Sp. 2000)
1964 laws made to set people straight (Spring 2004)

Double Dipping
people geting two chicks (Spring 1999)

When you are in court and you plead guilty to get a lesser charge. (Spring 1999)

Was the first person who did free speech in 1921 because of the First amendment (Fall 1999)

Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas
The people need a president selected by the people. (Fall 1999)

Government official who does multi-tasking. (Fall 1999)

Associate Christian Legislative Union (Fall 1999)

Writ of Habeas Corpus
Right to pursue happiness. (Fall 1999)

3/5ths Compromise
If you know some vital information and you did a crime, you tell them and get fine or less punishment. (Fall 1999)

Women were allowed to vote. (Sp. 2000)

John Locke
He was President of United States. (Fall 1999)
co-author of the Constitution of the US (Fall 2004)

ruler of the gods, they are also known as gods (Fall 2004)


Not believing in God. (Fall 1999)

A partisan who likes men and women. (Fall 1999)

First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
freedom of speach, religion and purchase of happiness(Sp. 2000)

the rights of yourself (Sp. 2000)

Freedom to try the gov at a federal level (Sp. 2000)

Executive Order 9066

Sent Chinese to internment camps. (Sp. 2000)

Voting Rights Act of 1965

When women were 1st able to vote. (Sp. 2000)

Double Jeopardy

You can't try twice for the same crime. (Sp. 2000)

Franking Privilege
A congressman's privilege to mail letters to his constituents freely. (Sp. 2000)

        Free military for incumbent (Fall 2003)

Employees elected by President (Sp. 2000)

Seniority System
The people in Congress with the longest (Sp. 2000)

Kitchen Cabinet
political party set up by teddy Roosevelt in 1912 (Sp. 2000)

year of the Lousianna Purchase (Sp. 2000)

Named for President McCarthy. In the 1940's McCarthy instituted a executive order banning communism. (Fall 2000)

The political idea that all men are good and need little or no government. (Fall 2000)

Libertarian Party
Was started by black panthers and eventually taken over by feminists. (Fall 2000)

A part of the govt or some people who want to make their own govt and rule the public.(Sp. 2003)

Webster vs. Reproductive Services
A TV show back in the 80's. Webster sued reproductive services because he was so short. (Fall 2000)

Mexican Government Official (Fall 2000)

Affirmative Action
The proposition which restricts non-US citizens from health care benefits. (Fall 2000)
Act on sexual harasment (Spring 2004)
When a congressman turns corrupt, immediate action will be taken. (Spring 2004)

one of the actions that can be taken to remove someone from office (Fall 2004)

TheRight to bear arms (Spring 2005)

Ninth Amendment
right to a speed trial (Fall, 2004)

Fifth Amendment
This is an important amendment. (Fall 2000)
An Islamic organization to strengthen and maintain the true Islamic way of life.(Fall 2002) (NOTE: I had no choice but to give this Muslim student full credit as I cringed at the answer.)

Federalist Papers
It is a government thing. (So. 2003)

How people react in the group. (Sp. 2003)
Someone who reacts immediately. (Sp. 2003)
The type of reaction that takes place & is accountable during time in office. (Spring 2004)
taking another action. (Spring 2004)
anyone a legislator represents (Fall 2004)

People react very hyper. (Sp. 2003)

The idea that all people have vote in government. (Sp. 2003)

Electoral College
College students who led the government to a better way of handling it. (Sp. 2003)

 when two votes per state are counted for a national election. (Spring 2004)

points are placed upon the state that actually do elect the president. (Spring 2004)
voters go to the electoral college to help achieve what you want. (Spring 2004)

The Seven Gods of the Government. (Sp. 2003)

Bill of Rights
A right that holds a person responsible not the whole generation. (Sp. 2003)

Abbie Hoffman
The first woman in House of Representatives. (Sp. 2003)

Is the first black woman who refused to sit at the back of the bus during slavery. (Sp. 2003)

Social Contract
When an individual signs up to be a part o govt. (Sp. 2003)

The Bill of Rights went into effect and something else was written. (Sp. 2003)
a political party led by Alexander Hamilton (Fall 2003)
US vs. Nixon
Court case that removed Nixon and made Lyndon Johnson president (Fall 2003)


individuals who believe strobly and conservatively for a communist gov't (Spring 2004)

government has control, extreme right (Spring 2004)

the need to do stupid habits and tenencies (Spring 2004)

when there are too many single people to do anything. (Spring 2004)

when many groups get together and discuss work that needs to be addressed (Spring 2004)

government run by social order of upper class citizens running and making decisions for all. (spring 2004)

socializing within the government by other countries (Spring 2004)

communication between other nations. (Spring 2004)

being social in politics & being social in political and economic (Spring 2004)

Karen O'Connor 
gave the right for woman to vote (spring 2004)

a two body legislator (Spring 2004)

Selective Incorporation 
Where people have an option in what corporation they want to be involved in. (Spring 2004)
Who we do business with. (Spring 2004)

Rev. Martin Niemueller
helped establish the NAACP (Fall, 2004)

Three-Fifths Compromise
where the compromise ended at three-fifths (Fall 2004)


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2. Students--these are not correct answers

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