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Political Science
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Kirshnerisms: From various Final exams since Fall, 1996

1. The wise-ass comments of Dr. Kirshner or his suggestions of how we should more efficiently run government.

2. The awe-inspiring wisdom of Dr. Alan Kirshner meant to raise one's intellect to unimaginable heights through lengthy lectures strategically or perhaps thoughtlessly spiced up with random trivia , witty humor, tasteless jokes; all of the necessary items in which to gain this generations interest.

3. The wise remarks and definitions made up by Dr. Kirshner. They may be true.

4. A term invented by Dr. Kirshner to describe his smart ass remarks, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

5. Kirshnerisms are words or sometimes phrases coined by our beloved Dr. Kirshner who considers himself a sort of political thought guru. They can probably only be proven through circular reasoning. I happen to agree with most of them.

6. The smarty pants remarks of Dr. Kirshner to explain political science.

7. Doc K´s sermons on why we need to aim higher in life usually presented after an exam.

8. The biased opinions and prejudices with how our instructor sees life and teaches his students.

9. If he gets to screw with our heads then he must also screw with our grades.

10. Doctor K´s parables during the lectures.

11. The followers of Mr. Kirshner.

12. How he thinks gov't and other political things should be run.

13. Dr. K´s metaphors, colorful parables and real life experiences that he provides in lieu of or in addition to a lecture.

14. The five beliefs that we have studied over the semester.

15. The fantasy amendments that Dr. Kirshner made up to make the government run smoother and more efficiently.

16. The sermons of Dr. Kirshner. OR Dr. Alan M. Kirshner´s overstated political opinions that might be better placed on ch 7 news as a sound bite. These opinions often have no educational merit whatsoever, but are humorous just the same.

17. Those short verbages imparted by our short instructor to his students.

18. The changes to government that the opinionated Alan Kirshner would implement if he were god.

19. The little stories or tangents you go off on in your book and lectures that somehow you really do apply to political science.

20. Kirshner´s stories, jokes, wise-ass remarks which aid me in learning the material.

21. The views of a political optimist that refuses to compromise with people.

22. Dr. Kirshner´s ideas that have to do w/ everything including political science.

23. Dr. Kirshner´s very logical points of view.

24. The view of a man on life, politics, etc. that are spoken in class and are just as powerful as the word of god!

25. Dr. Kirshner´s views interjected during the lectures, and other class times during the semester, pertaining to the subject being taught that aid me in learning the material even if they piss me off every now and then.

26. The rantings and ravings of our illustrious leader (I mean teacher) in which Kirshner is trying to indoctrinate us (the students) into the worship of Alan Kirshner.

27. A light, funny, intellectual barrage of random thoughts generally presented within a world reknown Kershner sermon.

28. The concept of having someone say "I love you" to you and not having to say "I love you" back. To just say thanks, not having to make it an obligation.

29. Those catchy phrases, sayings, anecdotes and life-experiences used to embelish and enlighten the lesson.

30. Sound bites, catchy phrases used by Dr. Kirshner. They remain permanently in your head--like "schlep."

31. The Word of the great and mighty Alan M. Kirshner.

32. Funny little tit-bits from the twisted but funny Kirshner.

33. Dr. Kirshner's homily.

34. Dr. Kirshner's way of definig/explaining things. A radical/liberal view & often offensive, which he presents on purpose to piss us off.

35. planning on having affairs with students' mothers inorder to run for President.

36. This word comes from a brilliant man. While signing up for Poli-Sci my Freshman year of college I had some doubts. "How boring," I thought, "I'm going to fall asleep every day." My fears were soon put to rest. My first day of class this arrogant 5'2" man, from N.Y. walks in like he owned the place. Throughout the semester our class was introduced to these "Kirshnerisms," or Dr. Alan Kirshner's way of helping his students learn. Little sayings or stories to help us learn about the topic hewas teaching. I never thought you could tie in a cellular phone to American Government. Boy, was I wrong.

37. The idea that if the judicial system carries on the way it is going we will lose our civil liberties.

38. Dr. Kirshner can never be president or political figure because he has never experienced scandal--the only thing he has screwed with is our heads.

39.  Little rants or stories you speak of to enlighten us and also because you enjoy hearing yourself talk.

40.  Nano lectures from Dr. Kirshner.

41.  Witty tidbits of "factual" information by which Dr. kirshner bestows course knowledge upon us.

42.  Nuggets of wisdom given in class for the benefit of the students and mankind.

43.  are the wise words and humerous and strangely compelling ancedotes of Dr. Kirshner, who fulfilled the prophecy of the son of suns and brought balance to the force, and to the classroom.

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