I would like to thank Connie Teixeira for her willingness to supply transcripts of the notes she transcribed.  She attended the Fall 2005 Western Civilization in a World Perspective course as a court reporter for a deaf student.  The transcripts here include everything said in class--well as close to possible considering my New York accent and rapid speech.  At some point I hope to find the time to correct the few errors and eliminate all my bad jokes.

PowerPoint Lectures My PowerPoint slides for WCA

Orientation, August 15

Orientation continued + beginning of site map exercise, August 17

Site map exercise: Where are you?, August 19

The Origins: Did Darwin Get It Wrong?,August 22

The Origins and Civilization--Can Intelligent Design Explain?, August 24

Women, Homosexuals, Beer and Civilization, August 26

Mother Goddess, Animals and Group Dynamics: Velikovsky, August 29

Velikovsky (true or false?) and Geographical Determinism, August 31

Is God really geography? Egypt & Mesopotamia contrasted, September 2

Dating in Egypt & Mesopotamia, September 7

Who wore the pants in Mesopotamia? Septmber 9

Contributions of the Ancients, September 12

Law & Order + Civil Disobedience! September 14

Beware the Greeks with the Trojans, September 16

Fates, Hubris and Polis  + Bull Stories, September 19

Water vs. Rock: Athens and Sparta, September 21

Gold leads to Art, Philosophy, Perfection and even War, September 26

Girlie-Men Conquer the World! September 28

RETURN EXAM & ROME-Two Faced! October 3

Dear Pres. Bush, The Younger: The US is no Rome! October 5

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: The Late Republic, October 7

Hail Caesar & Caesar & Caesar, October 10

Sex, Lies and Rome, October 14

An Easter to Remember: The Beginnings of Christianity, October 19

The Way of the Cross, October 21

The Dark Knight is White & Plays Chess! October 24    CHART ON FEUDALISM (pdf)

Miss America in a Feudal Society, October 26

Learning the Hard Way! November 4

School Used to be Fun & Now it is a Riot! November 7

Crusades: Now and Then! November 9

The Aftermath of Death! November 16

Connections-Film, November 18

Where to From Here? November 21

Renaissance: Humble—to be or not to be! November 23

Dissent! Renaissance Video, November 28

Three for the Price of One! November 30

Like It or Not, We are All Protestant! Part I, December 2

Like It or Not, We are All Protestant! Part II, December 5

Violating the Prime Directive, December 7